The Algerian parliament welcomes, at the occasion of the 48th Session of the Executive Committee of the African Parliamentary Union in Algiers, the parliament Speakers, the distinguished delegations Presidents and the hosts in Algeria their second home.

The Algerian Parliament hopes that the meetings of our session be an opportunity for dialogue and exchange views about the proposed works agenda especially its two points discussed during the 28 th conference held in Congo Brazzaville (November 2005) on:

- The human development achievement: role of the African parliaments.
- Democracy strengthening to keep peace in Africa.

Such subjects are very important and aim at dealing with solving the continent issues and to find out fruitful solutions likely to be applied at the service of the African people who are looking for decent life.

This 48 th session of the Executive committee is being held, while our African Parliamentary Union and the African society are commemorating the day of Africa that coincides with 25 may every year, a day considered as a historical sign for the multilateral African action.

We are honored to receive the African parliamentary participant delegations, to welcome once more honorable guests and hope them a pleasant stay in Algeria, and to hope successful woks with results for the 48 th session of the Executive committee.

Best regards
The Algerian Parliament